Recycled Paper Printing uses 100 percent certified wind-energy credits.

A lot of the work we produce says “Printed using 100% certified wind-energy credits”; or you see the little wind turbine icon (right) printed  next to the printing credits.

Wind Power LogoWhat does that mean?  It means that Recycled Paper Printing bought 100% certified renewable energy credits (RECs) to help pay for wind farm developers to finance the creation of new wind turbines to create clean electricty to offset all the electricity we use — and here’s our certificate to prove it!

How does it work?  We calculated the amount of electricity we consume in printing each year.  We then bought RECs from our green energy supplier, Community Energy.  Community Energy used the money to invest in a variety of wind farms like these in Bear Creek, Pennsylvannia and Altantic City, New Jersey (pictured below).

Recycled Paper Printing also works with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) through the Green Power Partnership to certify that we purchase green power.  Below is an excerpt from a recent mailing from the EPA on the value of purchasing RECs:

Environmental Value of Purchasing RECs

“The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), through the Green Power Partnership, works with organizations to voluntarily purchase green power as a way to reduce the environmental impacts of conventional electricity use. Thousands of organiza­tions are leading this effort by installing their own renewable energy systems or purchasing renewable electricity. Within the Partnership, many Partner organizations have found that buying renewable en­ergy certificates (RECs) is one of the most effective ways to reduce their carbon footprint.

EPA regards REC purchasing as a simple way for organiza­tions and institutions to affect the United States’ electricity generation mix at a national scale. These voluntary purchases send a demand signal and provide financial support to new projects that are competing with conventional technologies. Bringing new renewable elec­tricity facilities online will help the electricity sector emit fewer tons of carbon dioxide emissions than it would have if these renewable energy sources had not been operating or built.

EPA works to ensure Partner environmental claims are supported and accurately communicated….Organizations can claim that their REC purchases reduce the carbon emissions associated with their purchased electricity, which is often a key contributor to organizations’ carbon footprint. EPA guidance and corporate greenhouse gas (GHG) accounting rules support these claims.

REC purchases provide an additional revenue stream for renewable energy project developers to help recover costs, pay off debt, and reduce project risk. As a result, RECs have allowed thousands of businesses and individuals to help grow U.S. renewable energy capacity in a way that is most cost-effective and efficient for the economy…EPA encourages organizations to continue purchasing RECs so to provide an economic price signal to build more renewable power plants.”

Please support the continued growth of the renewable energy field by buying printing from printers using 100% certified wind-energy.  Your support makes the planet healthier for all of us — supporting Renewable Energy also means more jobs for the people building these sites.

(If you’re thinking of installing your own renewable energy equipment, check with a group like Northeast Sustainable Energy Association in Greenfield, Massachusetts for a list of renewable energy practictioners.)