Recycled Paper Printing begins Sustainable Business Leadership Program

Last week, I attended the introductory meeting of the current training session at the Sustainable Business Leader Program,  in Boston.  The SBLP’s mission is to help local businesses become more environmentally sustainable.

Recycled Paper Printing has been a leader in environmental stewardship since it was founded in 1983.  But, in these days of greenwashing, it is critical to get independent, third-party certification of sustainable practices.  SBLP has great resources for helping companies with sustainability issues related to

  • energy efficiency
  • water conservation
  • waste management
  • pollution prevention & safe alternatives
  • transportation
  • and sustainability management.

A particular challenge for Recycled Paper Printing will be getting our landlord, the Boston Redevelopment Authority to act on improving the sustainability of the buildings it owns.  For years, I, and other tenants, have tried to get the BRA to improve the energy efficiency of our building.  We’ve suggested more energy efficient lighting, low-flush toilets, and much much more.  The ultimate irony to me is that, our building houses the City of Boston recycling bins, yet it does not have a paper recycling program!  Tenants have to set up their own programs.  And don’t get me started about the lack of recycling of dead fluorescent light bulbs –  which contain mercury — in the building!

The BRA representative to the program, Green Tech Business Manager, Galen Nelson, was present and pledged to help the BRA move beyond rhetoric to action.  We couldn’t be more excited!

I’ll check back with you as we wend our way through the process.