You can’t afford NOT to market

“We can’t afford holiday cards for the company this year,” said the marketing manager from a major national furniture manufacturer.

“You can’t afford NOT to market,” I thought. Of course, I didn’t say that. But, I thought, “Why does she think she can’t afford cards from us? We’ve always been very competitive and have frequently come up with some pretty innovative cost-saving suggestions.”

This is a brand that sells high end furniture to a very demanding, upscale clientele. They are clientele that expect to be “touched” with marketing every so often – and especially with a note of appreciation at the holidays.

An email you say? You mean one of the five hundred daily emails that cross the screen (if they even make it that far!) of your ever more harried clients? They are either briefly acknowledged or, ignored, deleted, and electronically recycled.

During these more difficult economic times, a reduction in marketing efforts may save you a little money; but it can also be the start of a downward spiral in revenue.

When I pulled out the production folders for her previous holiday cards, I realized why she thought she couldn’t afford holiday cards. Two years ago, we made an intricate, interactive, die cut holiday card “wheel” that also functioned as a calendar. They were not cheap. Including envelopes, we made tens of thousands of pieces for about sixty cents per piece. Expensive - yet, they were a piece that stayed with many clients as a calendar all year. Last year, we came up with a more conventional solution that cost about 28 cents per set. But, I was sure she was remembering the higher cost of the calendar cards from two years ago.

“I know you said you didn’t think you could afford holiday cards this year. I’m guessing that you’d like to make them but think you can’t afford them. I just wanted to let you know that we can make full color, two sided cards, with envelopes for even less than last year. How’s less than 24 cents a set sound?”

The cards are in the hands of some very happy salespeople in 50 offices across the United States and Canada ready to be personalized and sent off to valued clients and prospects.

Before you assume you can’t afford to market, give us a call. You may be surprised by what you can afford.