Recycled Paper Printing recently printed the first publication for Balladier Press, a new publisher founded in Boston by Daniel Butler.  Storyteller 2012  is a literary calendar with quotes from interviews conducted by the publisher.  Each month of the calendar contains a story written by a different writer.  Former poet laureate, Robert Pinsky, Wicked author, Gregory Maguire, and ten other writers tell readers about their storytelling philosophy as well as their favorite books and bookstores.

Butler  worked with RPP Project Manager, Lauren Peresada to produce the calendar using RPP’s pioneering sustainable printing practices — post-consumer waste content recycled paper, soy based ink, and 100% certified wind energy credits.  It took some planning to find the right combination of size and other printing specifications to produce the calendar in a cost-effective manner.  “But that’s why we’re here,” said Peresada.  “We work with designers and clients all the time to help them minimize paper waste and maximize the efficiencies on different presses.  It’s all about creating effective marketing pieces that meet clients’ budgets.”

The end result?  A very happy publisher: “The whole RPP team was helpful and friendly.
They were all generous and accommodating, and they did a great job; this is excellent printing” said Butler.

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