1 Aug


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"The Citizens for Salem/Beverly Water Resources was so pleased with Recycled Paper Printing's work on our flyers, and the personal touch of the staff certainly calls for praise of the company’s customer service. We can’t wait for others we know to go to Recycled Paper Printing!"

—Andrea, Founder & Co-Chair

24 Jul

Recycled Paper Printing prints first publication for new publisher, Balladier Press

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Recycled Paper Printing recently printed the first publication for Balladier Press, a new publisher founded in Boston by Daniel Butler.  Storyteller 2012  is a literary calendar with quotes from interviews conducted by the publisher.  Each month of the calendar contains a story written by a different writer. ...

12 Jun

Recycled Paper Printing sponsors Green Fire movie premier

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On June 2nd, Recycled Paper Printing co-sponsored the Boston premier of Green Fire , the full-length documentary about legendary environmentalist, Aldo Leopold. Read more
1 Jun

Tips for Green Design & Printing appears in Sustainable Business Leader Program blog.

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We posted some tips for green design & printing as a guest on the Sustainable Business Leader...