14 Dec

Recycled Paper Printing uses 100 percent certified wind-energy credits.

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A lot of the work we produce says "Printed using 100% certified wind-energy credits"; or you see the little wind turbine icon (right) printed  next to the printing credits. Read more
12 Dec

NAACP Annual Report printed by Recycled Paper Printing, Inc.

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NAACP Annual Report printed by Recycled Paper Printing, Inc.
We love printing challenging, beautiful pieces like this Annual Report for the NAACP, designed by Hyperakt Design Group. Great printing is a collaborative process between designer and printer. Discussions at the beginning of the design process can result in major savings -- and avoid potential difficulties on press. Please don't...
8 Dec

You can’t afford NOT to market

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“We can’t afford holiday cards for the company this year,” said the marketing manager from a major national furniture manufacturer. “You can’t afford NOT to market,” I thought. Of course, I didn’t say that. But, I thought, “Why does she think she can’t afford cards from us? We’ve always been very competitive and have frequently come up with some pretty...
3 Dec

Recycled Paper Printing begins Sustainable Business Leadership Program

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Last week, I attended the introductory meeting...