FTP Upload Instructions


FTP (File Transfer Protocol) creates a direct link between your computer and ours through the use of FTP software.

You will need a software application designed for FTP transfers, there are many to choose from.

If you don’t have an FTP application, go to download.com to download a free or trial version of the FTP application of your choice.


Step 1: Compress your files (.zip / .sit)

Important: you MUST compress your files into a single file, either .zip or .sit (Macintosh Stuffit format). Uncompressed files can become damaged when transferred via FTP.

Step 2: Launch your FTP application.

Enter the following info:

Address / Host (IP address): ftp.recycledpaper.com

User ID: incoming

Password: rpp_give (rpp underscore give – no spaces)

Step 3: Upload your .zip / .sit file

Upon entering the above information, you will be within the incoming directory. Upload your .zip / .sit file now.

Step 4: Contact Prepress

When your .zip / .sit file is completely uploaded, send an email to artwork@recycledpaper.com with the following information:
Your name / Company name / Project Description / File name

We’ll take it from there.

Please contact us at 617-737-9911 x412 / artwork@recycledpaper.com with any questions.

Thank you, Recycled Paper Printing, Inc. Prepress Department


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